Benefits for ACTS Agents and Agencies

ACTS status

  • Certificate confirming the status to be an “ACTS” for the Agent
  • Allowance to use the ACTS Logo (when promoting Austrian programs etc)

Promotion of ACTS Agencies as preferred partner through ANTO

  • Online listing of ACTS Agencies on ANTO website
  • Promotion of ACTS Agencies in media campaigns
  • Direct booking requests to ANTO will be referred to ACTS Agencies

Preferential treatment throughout the year and benefits

  • ACTS Agents will be supplied with regular information (via email) and brochures (mailings)
  • Call centre: for technical support, questions concerning the content etc.

Advanced know-how

  • Austria encyclopaedia, collection of useful links


  • A selection of most active and successful ACTS graduates will be invited to the annual ACTS FAM trip