How do I become an ACTS?

Note: The ACTS Academy is reserved to travel professionals only - travel agents, tour operators, travel wholesaler and airline staff.

  • Register online
  • With your registration you are already provided with a range of special services (see Benefits).
  • It also enables you to participate in our online destination courses.
  • There are 6 regular courses, each takes about 30 minutes.
  • At the end of each course there is a short exam.
  • Both, the courses and the exams are online
  • You can take each exam only once, so be sure you read the text during the course properly.
  • For each right answer in the exams you will get credit points.
  • If you take all 6 courses and reach 70% or more correct answers in all courses you will graduate as an "Austrian Certified Travel Specialist" (ACTS).
  • As a graduated ACTS you are entitled to an even greater range of benefits for you and your office.