Terms of Use & Privacy policy

Technical Requirements

To participate in the ACTS Academy you will need a suitable computer and internet access.


Travel Agents as well as Tour Operators of the following countries can register to become an Austrian Certified Travel Specialist, receive a certificate and be awarded with the title "Austrian Certified Travel Specialist (ACTS)":

  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates

The registration is free of charge and can only be made online. With your registration, you accept the terms of use and conditions of participation. You will receive your login information in your registration confirmation.

Access Data

Upon registration, you will receive a written confirmation via email. With the registration, you accept the terms for participation. Every participant is obligated to take extra care in storing the login information and to protect this data from being misused by third parties.

Changes to your personal information

Personal information relating e.g. to your address or email can be changed easily under “My Profile.”
Every participant must immediately notify the ACTS Service Team of any changes with respect to his or her name or accessibility.


Within the framework of the training program offered on the ACTS Academy Website, hyperlinks to other websites will be used. TravelMotion is not responsible for the contents of other websites. TravelMotion assumes no liability with respect to the use of these websites or for any damages incurred in connection with their use.

Trademark / Copyright

Every authorised participant has the right to utilise, print out or save the contents provided in the online training programme for his or her own personal use. The contents made available through the ACTS Academy are protected by copyright through TravelMotion, the authors or the licenser. Participants of the ACTS Academy do not have any rights to ownership or patent rights of the contents made available.

Liability and Compensation

The operator of the ACTS Academy does not assume any liability or compensation for damages or losses to the user caused by the contents, through incorrect use of the service by the user or through material that has been infected by viruses. We note explicitly, that the user is responsible for checking the material for any viruses.

Accessibility / Availability

There is no right to continuous availability of the website. It can be the case that due to maintenance work or technical interruptions, the website is temporarily unavailable but this does not justify the user to make any claims for compensation to TravelMotion.

Discounts / Benefits for training participants

Within the ACTS Academy occasional discounts and benefits for the training participants are offered, for example for the participation in fam trips, pep offers etc. There is no legitimate claim on these discounts and benefits. The responsible service partners of the ACTS Academy, as well as of the operators, do have the right to refuse applicants.

Privacy Policy

The participant data is used confidentially and utilised and saved for one's own use or for that of the direct ACTS Academy training partners exclusively.
The participants agree that their personal data may be used within purpose of the contract.

Severability Clause / Final Clause

When individual provisions outlined in these general conditions for use are either not legally binding in full or in part or if they later lose their legal effect in full or in part, the validity of the general conditions for use is otherwise not affected. In the event of an invalid regulation, the legal provisions take precedence. The same shall apply should the general conditions for use fail to address any unforeseen eventuality.


The general terms of use and privacy policy are subject to the laws of Germany.

As of: November 2012